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Reproduced by kind permission of Sea Breezes vol. 56 no. 434 ©

In November Manchester Liners Ltd. sold the container ships Manchester Concorde (12,040 gross tons) and Manchester Crusade (12,039 gross tons) to Far Eastern in­terests. Early last year the pair had been the subject of sale negotiations which did not mature and they came back to the second-hand market in June. Their departure reduces to four the number of container ships owned by this company which, with the parent Furness Withy group, is now part of the C. Y.

Tung empire.

Last autumn the Manchester Vanguard (17,385 gross tons) joined the newly-opened co-ordinated Continent-UK-North America container service operated jointly by her owners, Dart Containerline and CP Ships.. Felix­stowe is the UK port, not Manchester nor, for that matter, Liverpool. Later, the Manchester Challenge (12,039 gross tons) joined the service. The future of the other two, the Manchester Renown (currently laid-up) and Manchester Reward, is in doubt.


The Manchester Concorde and Manchester Crusade belonged to a class of four built at Middlesbrough between 1968 and 1971. Each was propelled by two vee four-stroke single-acting oil engines with hydraulic coupling and geared to a single-screw shaft. The Manchester Challenge and Manchester Courage, each of 12,039 gross tons, were sold H November 1978 to Far East interests.

The sale of the Manchester Concorde and Manchester Crusade,

which was subject to the approval of Export Credits Guarantee, the British Government department which un­derwrites certain classes of exporting risks, brought welcome business for Hull shiprepairers. The two vessels, strangers to that part of the East Coast, arrived in the port for cleaning, painting and extensive internal work prior to being handed over. They were attend­ed to respectively in the King George and Victoria Docks and together repre­sent one of the largest repair jobs un­dertaken in the port in recent months.

Where are they now?

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