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It is now 35 years since the ships of Manchester Liners last sailed the oceans of the world and the founding of our Old Shipmates Association. The time had now come for the sad decision to end it in its present form, but to run a much slimmed down version for the benefit of the current membership only, with no new members being accepted.

Our web site will be maintained for as long as is possible to inform Old Shipmates of any forthcoming events, add reunion photographs and post crew changes as appropriate. Future communications with Old Shipmates will only be by e-mail, so please let us know if you change your email address and also keep up to date any Old Shipmates that you know who do not have email.

The February 2017 Newsletter was the last one and the final normal mailing.

Mailbag and Lookout are only being retained for reference purposes. There will not be any further communications through these pages. We thank everyone who has contributed to these pages and for their use of our web site.

Our web site is an important, comprehensive historical document of Manchester Liners Ltd from its formation shortly after the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal, its pioneering of the trade routes to the North American Great Lakes through to the age of globalisation of containers and finally to its adsorption into OOCL.

We thank Captain Eric Askew for his foresight in founding our Association, the volunteers who over the years have given of their valuable time in keeping us afloat and organising events. We also thank all our Old Shipmates for their valued input that has made this Association such a success.

October 2017